With Back to the Future culminating in a huge media buzz yesterday, you might want to consider adding a hoverboard to your next production. Doing so isn’t difficult at all, as they guys from Adobe show you in this tutorial video.

So, you now have no excuse to not make your own fan-film, right?

How to Create a Back to the Future Hoverboard Effect

While we are on the topic of Back to the Future, you might find some of these facts interesting:

  1. Back to the Future (B2TF) is one of the most celebrated movie franchises in history: It’s made nearly $1 billion worldwide, with 4 million+ fans on Facebook and Twitter three decades after the release of the first film. With B2TF Day coming up on 10/21 (the date Marty McFly arrived in the ‘future,’), there has been growing anticipation on social media. Daily mentions of B2TF have increased 2X since October. Global brands including Nike and Pepsi that were featured in the film are taking advantage of the limelight. Since October 1, there have been nearly 40K mentions of the limited edition Pepsi bottle, Nike Power Laces, and the faux trailer for ‘Jaws 19.’ That trailer has been a particular hit with 1.3 million views since October 5.


  1. B2TF accurately depicted the connected world and devices we are accustomed to today: Sure we don’t wear glasses that we watch TV on or make phone calls with, as depicted by Marty’s future kids at the dinner table in B2TF, but the film was onto something with connectivity. IoT, personal electronics like the smartwatch-style gadgets several characters wore, and video calling, all featured in B2TF, are very much a reality today. IoT has 5M+ social mentions in the last 90 days and video conferencing provider Skype has 7M+ social mentions in since June 1.


  1. B2TF was completely wrong about fax machines being the preferred method of communication and the Cubs sweeping Miami in the World Series:With the Cubs winning the NL Wild Card this year, their shot at winning the World Series in 2015 isn’t impossible. Chicago Cubs fans hope that half B2TF’s World Series prophecy is fulfilled and that they take home the trophy, with 60K+ mentions about the Cubs and the World Series. We’ll see about the Cubs next month, but B2TF was horribly wrong about fax machines, which have only 10K mentions in the last 90 days ­many likely from #ThrowbackThursday.