Kessler has released its camera motion control software, kOS, for the Second Shooter platform. kOS was originally developed as part of the CineDrive motion control system, but now you can control the Second Shooter via a wired connection on both Mac and Windows platforms. Unfortunately due to hardware limitations on the Second Shooter, the useful iPad wireless connection is not available.

By integrating kOS with Second Shooter, anyone using the platform will find an array of sweet feature upgrades such as the ability to set up to 10 key frames per axis, Bezier curve control and a host of new live motion, time-lapse and stop motion features.

A full features list can be found here and a comparison between the always free Lite version of kOS for Second Shooter and the Premium versions can be found here.

In conjunction with kOS availability, the latest Second Shooter firmware update also includes support for RamperPro. RamperPro by ElysiaVisuals delivers automatic exposure ramping to achieve smooth, non-flickering timelapse compilations when shooting through variable lighting conditions.

  • Pricing for kOS Second Shooter
  • kOS Lite – Free
  • kOS Premium after free 30-day trial:
  • Monthly Subscription – $9.95
  • Yearly Subscription – $99.95
  • Lifetime Subscription – $149.95