I love telling stories. Personal stories about people doing what they love. That means I can really appreciate it when another documentarian does a stellar job. In this case, filmmaker Andrew Putschoegl wanted to tell the story of Clyde Doepner, or as he’s better known, “Clyde the Guide.” The Minnesota Twins, like every Major League Baseball program, have a cherished history and the man tasked with preserving the organization’s priceless memorabilia along the way does it simply for the love of the game. Clyde holds the only full-time curator position in Major League Baseball and for the first time, Doepner’s story and place in Twins history past and present is told in the original documentary titled, “The Curator.”


Andrew chose to film this project on the Samsung NX1, a camera that I personally enjoy for its high quality in a tiny package. That very lightweight build combined with the ability to capture cinema quality 4k video made it the perfect tool for Putschoegl to shoot with as he followed Doepner through years of Twin’s history. The eleven minute short provides first person perspective as Doepner takes viewers on a journey of collected memorabilia and documents the man who has made it his life’s work to serve as the caretaker for invaluable items that define the Twins legacy.


Curator Screen Grab 04 - Ninja Goldfish

Curator Screen Grab 06 - Ninja Goldfish


directed & produced by
Andrew Putschoegl

edited by
Corey Ziemniak

director of photography
Andrew Huebscher

sound mixer
Ben Bledsoe

production sound
Patrick Schaefer

additional photography
Nick Kelsh
Andrew Putschoegl

1st ac
Amber Johnson

production assistant
Brett Ley

Andrew Huebscher