Though not a heck of a lot of information is available yet, Emotimo has announced that they are releasing a brand new motion control device called the Spectrum. The only bit of information they provide is: “The spectrum is the most ambitious motion control camera robot we have ever made. Shooting timelapse, stop-motion, real-time video and even high-speed sequences, the spectrum is tremendously capable and in a class of its own.” That, and it will cost less than $5000.

Emotimo Spectrum

Emotimo is the producer of one of the most versatile timelapse and motion control devices out there, the TB3. That said, the TB3 has some limitations, including how fast it can make motions. The Spectrum appears to alleviate that issue and, as shown in the very short launch video, it moves very swiftly, smoothly and, apparently, silently.

We’ll keep you informed on anything else we learn on the Spectrum, until then we will otherwise have to wait until January when Emotimo says they will go on sale.