Sit back, relax, and take in the entire six-minute edit of movie trailers from 2015, masterfully cut together by Louis Plamondon, AKA YouTube user Sleepy Skunk.

This isn’t just a montage of clips, there are actually a few things going on here that filmmakers and editors can easily take note of. The first is the variety of visuals styles found in clips used in the various sections. During parts that are more somber or dramatic, pay attention to the lighting, composition, camera movement, performance of actors, etc. Same goes for sections that are more energetic and full of action. Additionally, pay attention to how the creator of this piece unites one clip to another through his edits, whether a match on action edit, timing to music, matching of visual styles, or something else. The video itself moves really well and the music variations are often enough to hold interest for six minutes.

Those are just my thoughts, but why not take a read of what Louis Plamondon said himself? In a blog about his decisions for clips to use over others for his 2014 Mashup (embedded below), called, “Deconstructing the 2014 Movie Trailer Mashup.”