Over the course of two autumns, filmmaker Toby Harriman compiled some truly stunning footage of Colorado. “During September and October of 2013 and 2015 I drove from San Francisco back to my birth state of Colorado to experience a bit fall. Growing up there, I was young and not really into photography yet. So it is amazing to go back every year now and see it with a whole new perspective.” Toby shot a good amountĀ of the footage with a Canon 6D and a 5D Mark III, but complimented a lot of the timelapses with his iPhone 6S Plus. The aerial footage was all taken with a DJI Inspire.

Follow The Colors

Aerial Roads

Courthouse Mountain Milky Way

Mount Sopris Sunrise

You can also view the project in 4K:

For more on this project, make sure to visit Toby’s website.