Yup, not only can you get Johnny Cash, but also Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Roy Orbison are among a few of the big name Rock and Roll legends that Musicbed just added to their collection. Thanks to a new partnership with the Sun Record Company, select songs from some rock legends can now be part of the soundtrack to your next great video. “The collaboration, which is a first for Sun Records and for Musicbed, will make the Sun catalog easily accessible for filmmakers and creatives to license online for the first time within Musicbed’s new Vintage Collection.”

Other notable selections from the Sun catalog available on Musicbed include tracks from Bill Justis, Charlie Rich, Frank Frost, Rufus Thomas Jr., Charlie Feathers, Ralph Stanley, Jeannie C Riley and many more. In addition to the iconic Sun musicians that have been added to Musicbed, the collection also includes a number of tracks from Sun artists that are not well known, bringing new life to authentic vintage tunes that are rarely heard anywhere. Today, there are more than 200 tracks from 25 Sun Records artists available on Musicbed with hundreds more to be added in the coming months.


There of course have been other music outlets who have allowed the licensing of popular music, such as SongFreedom, but those songs have been focused on more current hits rather than the incredibly iconic and ageless classics. It’s also a sizable collection, which is surprising and welcome.

Filmmakers can get a taste of the Sun Records catalog with Musicbed’s new Vintage Playlist and learn more about the artists by staying tuned to the Musicbed blog.