What’s it like to receive too much information in everyday situations, as people with autism do on a day to day basis? By answering that question with a virtual reality experience, the British National Autistic Society (NAS) aims for greater understanding towards autism.

People with autism are overloaded by everything around them, experiencing the outside world as a terrifying place. That’s also the life story of Alex Marshall, the 10-year-old autistic star in the video above. It gives you a taste of what a day at the mall is like for Alex (be sure to use your headphones), but to fully experience sensory overload, you should grab your headphones, download the app from iTunes or Play Store, and get the Google cardboard goggles.

The app was created in collaboration with experts on autism, following the success the society’s first TMI film. It makes you “feel every single sight, every single sound, every single stare [people with autism] endure on a simple trip to the shopping center.” There are a lot of flashing lights, bright colors and loud, sudden noises. Therefore, some people might experience motion sickness.

The question, once again, is: will you make it to the end? Unfortunately, for people with autism, it’s not just a two minute experience. It’s life.