Let’s just assume humanity suddenly disappears off the face of the earth – for whatever reason. YouTube-channel #Mind Warehouse figured out how that would impact our planet. Turns out, it takes about three hundred million years to completely forget we ever wandered around here.

Since most of our power plants need people to operate them, one of the first consequences of our disappearance will be massive darkness. One of many results of that lack of power, is the flooding of our tunnels and subways. But that’s just a humble beginning.

Take for example the ruthless fight for survival most animals will have to engage in after a week or two. Or the series of huge explosions, much more devastating than those in Fukushima and Chernobyl, caused by the evaporation of all nuclear cooling water.

It would take about three hundred years for our metal constructions – bridges, Eiffel Tower… – to start falling apart. The air will become much cleaner, and the visibility range will become several times longer. Thousands of animal species will eventually return to their unfairly taken home.

All of nature will take what belongs to it, and the planet will eventually completely recover from our loss. And if there would appear a new intelligent species in about three hundred millions years, they would find no trace whatsoever of our existence.