In its most recent drone video, the French film making duo BigFly captures breathtaking footage from inside the Saint Louis Byzantine Church in the French commune of Paimboeuf. The indoor flight resulted in two minutes of visual magic, definitely deserving the many awards it has gathered so far.

The film reveals parts and details of the church that would go unnoticed during a normal visit. As a bonus, you get a beautiful focus on the play of light through the church dome’s glass windows, subtly accentuated with some smoke from a smoke machine.

Even though Guillaume Juin and Joris Favraud built up an impressive amount of experience in flying drones by now, this indoor voyage with their Gryphon Redback X8 still was quite a challenge. Having a very little margin to manoeuvre, it required a lot of focus not to damage their drone or the church required a lot of focus. But they managed, and the result is unrivaled.