YouTube’s famous The Slow Mo Guys duo is no stranger to slow motion video’s – hence their name. Throughout the years, they have been recording dozens of videos, capturing anything from a fully automatic assault rifle to last year’s condom challenge, usually at rates between 1,000 and 18,000 frames per second. But for their latest video, they went overboard – in a good way.

Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy got their hands on a noisy Phantom v2511 for this video, because they planned to capture some shattering Pyrex cups, which, according to Gavin, requires a “much higher frame rate than usual.” Starting rate? 28,000FPS. Highest rate? No less than 343,000FPS, which is about 13,000 times slower than the human eye can see.

The footage depicts everything you’d hope for, and more. Even at 28,000FPS, it’s amazing to see what the combination of a blowtorch, a Pyrex and some ice cold water results in.

But the real magic happens when Gavin and Daniel slow it down to the absolute minimum. This ultimate frame rate makes it possible to see the handle of the Pyrex shatter, something that takes only 0.000104 seconds to happen. To put things in perspective: it takes about 0.046929 seconds for your eyelid to close.

The camera recorded for 5.1 seconds, and generated
19.5 hours of footage.

That is why exploding glass is best viewed at 343,000FPS.

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