Toby Harriman’s “Chasing Weather” Timelapse is Heartbreakingly Beautiful

Toby Harriman is quickly becoming one of my favorite timelapsers (he and Michael Shainblum are killing it). He’s the kind of guy who makes me claw at my windows, wishing I was traveling instead of being chained to a desk. And you know, that’s a good thing. We need people to remind us what the world looks like beyond the familiar walls, and that’s something at which Toby is really becoming an artist. His latest video, Chasing Weather, is a combination of clips taken in Alaska, California, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Chicago and Hawaii. It’s heart-wrenchingly beautiful.

A Look at the Making of Sven Dreesbach’s Visual Poem “This Moment”

Sven Dreesbach made one of the more impressive iPhone videos I’ve seen, utilizing underwater and surfing in a haunting, beautiful way. While shooting that video for Robot Koch, Sven also was working on a personal surfing video that he recently released. Sven made the most of his time out in the water while shooting the original video, and what he created with ancillary footage has a completely different feel to it than the original.

With my short I am trying to visualize this moment when you are out there in nature and you realize you became one with it.

GoPro’s “Best of 2015” Reel of POV Shots is Inspirational and Awesome

There are so many things that can be done with POV action cameras like the GoPro, and as seen in this year-end reel, action junkies and storytellers continue to find creative ways to capture unique images with them. Fantastically edited as well, many match-cut edits are used, along with hidden cuts during jumps into water or snow.

This is a Spectacular 4K Aerial Reel Filmed on a DJI Inspire

Sometimes it’s enough to just sit back and enjoy something beautiful. Alex Robinson is a content creator with a love for all things video, and it shows in this reel he made using only a DJI Inspire 1. If you’re planning on getting into filmmaking using a drone, this is the kind of footage you should be aspiring to create.

We Can’t Stop Watching this Storm Chaser’s Timelapse Film

Is it the stellar visuals? The music? The pacing? I think it’s everything, and the combination of what filmmaker and storm chaser Mike Olbinski does in “The Chase” makes us want to watch this over and over again. His timelapse technique is pretty flawless. What makes great timelapse is understanding speed, camera motion, framing, and subject matter. When you watch this film, you get lost in what you’re seeing, and the camera effects become secondary, even for filmmakers whose job it is to make movies like this. That is a sign he completely nailed it.