Musicbed has Announced Their “Film Initiative” Contest with $50,000 in Grants

Musicbed today announced the launch of the Musicbed Film Initiative (with the goal to inspire filmmakers), providing an opportunity for independent filmmakers to get the resources they need to fund their dream films and bring their passion projects to life.

Open to filmmakers around the globe and now in it’s second year, the Initiative will give away more than $50,000 in grants, including cash, production gear and products from fellow sponsors, to eliminate some of the biggest barriers to filmmakers pursing their dream films.  This year’s program will award one winner and two runners-up.

Full Budget Breakdown of The Village

See the Full $71M Budget Breakdown of “The Village”

Curious what the appropriation of a $71 million dollar film looks like? The full budget was uploaded to Imgur for our viewing pleasure, in case you were curious where each dollar went. This kind of thing could be incredibly useful for those planning a feature film, even if your production is going to be considerably smaller. Heck, it’s interesting even if you’re not planning on making your own film. I’m just surprised by how much (or little) everyone got paid.

Seriously, $13,313 for an extra credited as “15 year old boy on stump?” Dang. $7 million just for the rights to the film. There are a bunch of interesting details in there. Enjoy!