Widely Praised Drone-Film Offers Unrivaled Look Inside French Byzantine Church

In its most recent drone video, the French film making duo BigFly captures breathtaking footage from inside the Saint Louis Byzantine Church in the French commune of Paimboeuf. The indoor flight resulted in two minutes of visual magic, definitely deserving the many awards it has gathered so far.

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Helpful Infographic Gives All the Legal Information You Need to Know Before Flying a Drone

There is a lot of information floating around out there regarding the proper “rules” of flying a drone, and they are not only at the Federal level, but also encompass specific rules regarding your state. Because of this, it might feel overwhelming enough to try and just “ignore it,” but that’s not really a good idea… especially if you’re caught and have to face a hefty fine. To help make it easier to understand, the folks at AllDigital made a super-useful infographic that you should really have a look at.