Inside The Editor’s Mind- How to Make the Best Cut

“How do you know when to cut?” When thinking thoroughly about that question, Tony Zhou found it not that easy to come up with an answer.  It’s a matter of instincts, thinking and feeling, but how does an editor think and feel? In a nine and a half video, co-written and -edited Taylor Ramos, Zhou explains what, to him, the key points of focus for the editor should be.

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Helpful Infographic Gives All the Legal Information You Need to Know Before Flying a Drone

There is a lot of information floating around out there regarding the proper “rules” of flying a drone, and they are not only at the Federal level, but also encompass specific rules regarding your state. Because of this, it might feel overwhelming enough to try and just “ignore it,” but that’s not really a good idea… especially if you’re caught and have to face a hefty fine. To help make it easier to understand, the folks at AllDigital made a super-useful infographic that you should really have a look at.

FAA to Require Registration of Drones

The FAA is Requiring All Drones to be Registered by February 19, 2016

If you have owned a drone, or plan to own a drone between now and December 21, 2015, the FAA has announced you’re going to have to register it by February 19, 2015. If you get one after the 21st, you’ll have to register it before the first flight. “Make no mistake: unmanned aircraft enthusiast are aviators, and with that title comes a great deal of responsibility,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

Time to Geek Out: The Science Behind How Your Sensor Works

If you were ever curious to how your sensor worked, then this video is for you. Now, when I say “how” I don’t mean a surface level description where we just say the sensor absorbs light and displays that in a digital way. No no, this is far, far more detailed. Filmmaker IQ went into incredible detail, so you know why a sensor does what it does on a molecular level.


Read a Detailed “Guide to Slating” Written by a Verified Film Tech

The community over at r/Filmmakers is pretty incredible, with a ton of verified pros (who go through a pretty extensive process to receive that verification) who give their time to helping aspiring filmmakers work on their craft. Sometimes this is done through comments, other times through very detailed posts. This is the latter case, where a verified film industry technician gives a thorough explanation of slating.

Seriously? Slating? Is it that important? Yes. Yes it is.

Full Budget Breakdown of The Village

See the Full $71M Budget Breakdown of “The Village”

Curious what the appropriation of a $71 million dollar film looks like? The full budget was uploaded to Imgur for our viewing pleasure, in case you were curious where each dollar went. This kind of thing could be incredibly useful for those planning a feature film, even if your production is going to be considerably smaller. Heck, it’s interesting even if you’re not planning on making your own film. I’m just surprised by how much (or little) everyone got paid.

Seriously, $13,313 for an extra credited as “15 year old boy on stump?” Dang. $7 million just for the rights to the film. There are a bunch of interesting details in there. Enjoy!