Why Exploding Glass Is Best Viewed At 343,000FPS

YouTube’s famous The Slow Mo Guys duo is no stranger to slow motion video’s – hence their name. Throughout the years, they have been recording┬ádozens of videos,┬ácapturing anything from a fully automatic assault rifle to last year’s condom challenge, usually at rates between 1,000 and 18,000 frames per second. But for their latest video, they went overboard – in a good way.

Emotimo is Releasing a New Motion Control Device & It Looks Slick as Hell

Though not a heck of a lot of information is available yet, Emotimo has announced that they are releasing a brand new motion control device called the Spectrum. The only bit of information they provide is: “The spectrum is the most ambitious motion control camera robot we have ever made. Shooting timelapse, stop-motion, real-time video and even high-speed sequences, the spectrum is tremendously capable and in a class of its own.” That, and it will cost less than $5000.