How To Protect Yourself and Your Video Content Against Inappropriate Copyright Infringement Claims

We all know how difficult it can be to constantly protect our work from misuse or copyright infringement. But what happens when someone claims a copyright infringement against you, and you find out the content in question is actually the work you licensed to that party in the first place? If this sounds crazy, it is, and that’s exactly what happened to Mitch Martinez last week.

Last week I wrote about DP Mitch Martinez, and his fantastic free 4K stock footage that anyone can access for free. Well, I didn’t think I’d be writing about him again quite so soon, but I found out about a bizarre twist in his story a few days ago, and had to get back in touch with him. It was being reported that Mitch had received a copyright infringement notice from a well regarded music industry company claiming that he had infringed on their copyright, when in fact the content in question was the exact free stock footage I had reported on, and in fact he had licensed to them in the first place.

The Hercules is the Smallest Motion Control Device We’ve Ever Seen

If you hate how huge motion control devices tend to be, this new product called the Hercules is probably what you’ve been wishing for. Using a tiny motor, only a single triple-A battery, two major parts and with enough power to use with basically any camera, this pocket-sized device looks pretty darn impressive.

If You’re Shooting Canon DSLRs for Video, This Gimbal Might Be for You

Though the “in vogue” shooting rig has since moved on from Canon DSLRs, a great many independent filmmakers still use them. Many of the gimbals and rigs on the market still cater to the idea of using a Canon 5D Mark III, but I haven’t seen one with quite the level of integration that the gimbal seems to offer.


Beautifully Shot 4K Stock Footage From Mitch Martinez Is An Outstanding Resource For Filmmakers Everywhere

Mitch Martinez might be one of the most generous guys in the film community I’ve had the pleasure of recently chatting with. In case you didn’t know, Mitch, a Philadelphia based DP, is giving away beautifully shot 4K stock footage clips on his site – for FREE.

kOS Availalbe for Second Shooter

Kessler Adds Their kOS Software to Second Shooter

Kessler has released its camera motion control software, kOS, for the Second Shooter platform. kOS was originally developed as part of the CineDrive motion control system, but now you can control the Second Shooter via a wired connection on both Mac and Windows platforms. Unfortunately due to hardware limitations on the Second Shooter, the useful iPad wireless connection is not available.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 9.44.06 AM

Blackmagic Updates URSA with Firmware 2.6

Blackmagic today announced the release of Firmware 2.6, specifically aimed at the URSA. The update adds support for the URSA viewfinder, adds timecode display options and overall enhances and improves the camera.

Firmware 2.6 has been released with new features and bug fixes including:

  • Added support for the URSA Viewfinder, which is now shipping
  • Option to display timecode input by tapping on the timecode display
  • Performance enhancements and improvements