Through Live Sessions, Musicbed Connects Musicians, Filmmakers & Community

Musicbed, one of the premier sources for finding the best quality songs and compositions for filmmakers, has always been about supporting artists across the board. Recently they’ve started a program called “Musicbed Sessions” that pretty much embodies that belief. What is it? It’s a mix of a right place, the right motivation, and the connection to the right artists. Sessions is about live music that gets local artists connected to each other while also sharing that with the rest of the Musicbed global network. It’s a program that highlights artists in a cinematic style that puts the focus on their work.

Free Cinematic Music

On a Budget? This YouTube Channel Compiles Free Music for Your Next Production

If you’re on a budget for your next production, getting the right score for your film might be a challenge. Though there are a lot of options on PremiumBeat or TheMusicBed, if your budget is very tight, then you’re probably going to be looking for something free… which severely limits your options. That’s why stumbling on a YouTube channel like Free Cinematic Music was such a great find. They’re super young as a channel (like, three days old as of this posting), but they seem to have a dedication to continuing to upload music that’s free to use as long as you include attribution.