Red Giant PluralEyes 4

Red Giant has Updated PluralEyes: You Can Now Sync Directly Inside Premiere Pro

Red Giant today announced the release of Shooter Suite v13.0, which features the brand new PluralEyes v4.0, one of the (if not the) most popular and effective tools for syncing audio to multiple video streams. The standout new feature in v4.0 is the ability to sync with PluralEyes directly in Premiere Pro, without having to leave the application. Red Giant also has added Smart Start capabilities, automatic drift correction, vertical track scaling, integration with Red Giant Offload, and more simplicity and automation.

Behind-the-Scenes on the Visual FX Used in the Red Giant Short Film ‘Go Bag’

The filmmaking team at Red Giant have been creating great short films for the last few years, all of which have sort of served as a proving ground for the software, plug-ins, and visual effects tools that they sell. Their latest film falls right in line, and the behind the scenes content shows just how much planning during the shoot, and work in post had to be done.

Apple Does Not Use Final Cut

I’m Not Buying That Apple Doesn’t Want to Use Final Cut

There is an article featured on The Verge that has caught some steam, and it relates to a job posting for an Assistant Editor position in the Dr. Dre contingent of the rather enormous Apple. Basically, the position requires quite a bit of technical knowledge, specifically in the Adobe suite of apps, but The Verge noticed something was missing: knowledge of Apple’s own program Final Cut.

Qualifications for Apple Editor No Final Cut

Both Avid and Adobe are mentioned, but Apple’s Final Cut is… well, absent. Though sad, and a sign of how things in this industry have evolved and left behind Final Cut after Final Cut X’s disastrous entry into the software world, it’s probably not as damning as The Verge would have you think.

Blackmagic Video Assist Gets Update

Blackmagic Video Assist Gets Update, Adds Focus Peaking/Zebra

This morning Blackmagic announced an update to their Video Assist monitor, Video Assist 1.1, which is now available and includes focus peaking and a zebra exposure control tool as well as two other updates.

Red Giant’s New Trapcode Suite Looks Super Impressive

Last week, Red Giant announced the release of the Trapcode Suite 13, which is an upgrade to their popular After Effects plugins that create motion graphics and visual effects. In addition to major updates to Trapcode Particular, Shine and Mir, this particular release introduces Trapcode Tao, a brand new plugin for generating 3D geometries along a path, and also includes new features in Trapcode Form, Sound Keys and Starglow.

kOS Availalbe for Second Shooter

Kessler Adds Their kOS Software to Second Shooter

Kessler has released its camera motion control software, kOS, for the Second Shooter platform. kOS was originally developed as part of the CineDrive motion control system, but now you can control the Second Shooter via a wired connection on both Mac and Windows platforms. Unfortunately due to hardware limitations on the Second Shooter, the useful iPad wireless connection is not available.