Mashup of Movie Trailers From 2015 is a Visual Feast of Cinematic Visuals

Sit back, relax, and take in the entire six-minute edit of movie trailers from 2015, masterfully cut together by Louis Plamondon, AKA YouTube user Sleepy Skunk.

Let’s All Make Better Video: This is Resource Motion

Earlier this year, Resource Magazine launched the first of our new channels, Resource Travel. Today we are proud to announce the next channel that is focused on cinema, video-making and all things moving pictures: Resource Motion.

Motion will be the premiere place to learn how and why successful films are successful and how to make your own cinematic masterpieces with the gear you have at hand. In addition to reviews, news and everything else that has made Resource a great place to find the best information in the photo and video world, Motion allows us to focus specifically on filmmaking, techniques and stories/editorials specific to the craft of cinema.

We want to create an environment where experts from around the world help explain the best ways to capture scenes and to share their knowledge of filmmaking that they’ve earned through years of trial and error.

Our goal is simple: we want to make it easier for everyone to make amazing movies.