A Look at the Making of Sven Dreesbach’s Visual Poem “This Moment”

Sven Dreesbach made one of the more impressive iPhone videos I’ve seen, utilizing underwater and surfing in a haunting, beautiful way. While shooting that video for Robot Koch, Sven also was working on a personal surfing video that he recently released. Sven made the most of his time out in the water while shooting the original video, and what he created with ancillary footage has a completely different feel to it than the original.

With my short I am trying to visualize this moment when you are out there in nature and you realize you became one with it.


You Can Now License Johnny Cash for Your Next Video

Yup, not only can you get Johnny Cash, but also Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Roy Orbison are among a few of the big name Rock and Roll legends that Musicbed just added to their collection. Thanks to a new partnership with the Sun Record Company, select songs from some rock legends can now be part of the soundtrack to your next great video. “The collaboration, which is a first for Sun Records and for Musicbed, will make the Sun catalog easily accessible for filmmakers and creatives to license online for the first time within Musicbed’s new Vintage Collection.”

This Enthralling Documentary Explores the Making of the Film, “The Revenant”

Immersing an audience into a story and its location is an important part of a cinematic production, and in this 45-minute long behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of “The Revenant,” both cast and crew provide insight into the huge undertaking of producing this story in such a way that it would successfully immerse the viewers.

Ridiculous Copyright Infringement Claims are Smothering YouTube Content Creators

Ridiculous Copyright Infringement Claims are Smothering YouTube Content Creators

YouTube has been up to this point considered the best place for content creators to build a following, show their work and most importantly, get paid. But in the last 24 hours I’ve seen several stories rise that all point to a problem I have had with the social media giant: copyright infringement claims. It’s one thing if the claims felt legitimate or fair, but it seems that it is increasingly challenging to fight claims and even if you do win, so much time has elapsed since the fight started that anything you would have gained from the video is already lost.

SPOILERS- Star Wars: The Force Awakens VFX Before and After

Ok this video has already been removed twice from YouTube, so clearly Disney is not quite ready for you to see this, but luckily we have a mirror on Vimeo that is currently working. For that, we are very grateful. In this video you can see some of the most memorable scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens before and after VFX was applied to the scenes. Though JJ Abrams was very adamant about using practical effects where possible, there is still quite a lot going on in post production here.

Behind-the-Scenes on the Visual FX Used in the Red Giant Short Film ‘Go Bag’

The filmmaking team at Red Giant have been creating great short films for the last few years, all of which have sort of served as a proving ground for the software, plug-ins, and visual effects tools that they sell. Their latest film falls right in line, and the behind the scenes content shows just how much planning during the shoot, and work in post had to be done.


MusicBed is the First to Integrate Music Discovery into the Licensing Space

MusicBed is a music licensing company, but it’s one of the only ones I can think of that actually seems to care about music and not just about the business of selling it. Today they not only released a new website, but MusicBed also has released a first for the whole licensing industry: discovery. The new Discover page is “where you can find music based off of your favorite artists and previous purchases, making it faster and easier to find and license music that’s most relevant to your interests.”

GoPro’s “Best of 2015” Reel of POV Shots is Inspirational and Awesome

There are so many things that can be done with POV action cameras like the GoPro, and as seen in this year-end reel, action junkies and storytellers continue to find creative ways to capture unique images with them. Fantastically edited as well, many match-cut edits are used, along with hidden cuts during jumps into water or snow.

Emotimo is Releasing a New Motion Control Device & It Looks Slick as Hell

Though not a heck of a lot of information is available yet, Emotimo has announced that they are releasing a brand new motion control device called the Spectrum. The only bit of information they provide is: “The spectrum is the most ambitious motion control camera robot we have ever made. Shooting timelapse, stop-motion, real-time video and even high-speed sequences, the spectrum is tremendously capable and in a class of its own.” That, and it will cost less than $5000.

See Autumn in Colorado Through This Gorgeous Timelapse and Aerial Film

Over the course of two autumns, filmmaker Toby Harriman compiled some truly stunning footage of Colorado. “During September and October of 2013 and 2015 I drove from San Francisco back to my birth state of Colorado to experience a bit fall. Growing up there, I was young and not really into photography yet. So it is amazing to go back every year now and see it with a whole new perspective.” Toby shot a good amount of the footage with a Canon 6D and a 5D Mark III, but complimented a lot of the timelapses with his iPhone 6S Plus. The aerial footage was all taken with a DJI Inspire.